DM4Y promote human relations through smart strategies, advanced concepts, and efficient digital interfaces.

We continue all your campaigns by placing you for the relevant customers, knowing how to convey your unique interest, and seeking market prospects, all to create profitable growth for your company.

We then successfully execute our strategy by eliminating the distinctions among branding, innovation, marketing, advertisement, and technology by our inclusive process.

DM4Y – Digital Marketing 4 You is a top-rated Digital Marketing agency offering you the best services, with a focus on results. DM4Y is a full-service organization that provides services to all forms of industry and deals in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Digital Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing (SEM). We are offering our customers the resources and knowledge to enable small companies to achieve the next standard.

DM4Y (Digital Marketing 4 You), established in 2015, is centered in the USA. It is a brand of Lehnert Ventures LLC, as a part of the International Active Holding. We are offering services to national and foreign interests.



DM4Y is a Network Organization – our team consists of professional developers, creators, analysts, authors, advertisers, and company managers. We depend on each other to share details, inform decisions on the implementation of ideas, and offer perception to a comprehensive vision, complemented by an environment of best-of-breed partners providing expert knowledge.

Consider us as an enhancement of your marketing team. Every representative of our digital marketing agency team is committed to helping you develop your company, whether you are a successful business or a new business. Our accumulated experience, level of expertise in all forms of online marketing will attract more potential businesses online and turn your visitors into regular customers, giving your company a distinct benefit over your competitors.



Based on ISO 9001, first reviewed in 1987 by the International Organization for Standardization ( ISO), we are implementing the Quality management system. ISO sets out requirements, quality standards, regulations, or qualities that can be continuously applied to ensure that components, products, technology, and procedures are suitable for their specific reason.

ISO 9001 is accepted globally and utilized by large and/or small companies to track and develop their best processes through the Quality Management System (QMS). Most organizations ignore or fail to follow ISO 9001 as they feel it is too time-consuming. A widespread misunderstanding is that the implementation of a company-wide list of quality procedures would be too unbearable.

When technology and developments change, we continue refining and expanding on our approach – constantly changing processes from analysis and ideation to execution and continuing evaluation.



In this modern world, millions of users access online platforms for daily activities, highlighting the importance of Digital Marketing. People should have access to all these services. We are not only focused on offering services in SEM, SEO, SMM, and Digital Marketing but also want to have a significant big-data accessible to all the small and average-sized companies.

We have also been entirely compatible with distinguishable and self-sufficient information sharing suggestions. All those who end up taking the freedom and rights of thinking differently can establish media plans which are on the shelf. We are dedicated to the assertion of absolute balance in preparation. We see ourselves as managers, suggestions, and collaborators. We understand the power of specific ideas, and we are preparing the required phase for establishment.



With the growth of the internet market, this is the time to develop Internet marketing companies. DM4Y’s goal is to promote a system of digital creativity that combines economic growth and human advancement. Operating at an intersection between technology, industry, the arts, and social progress,

Our mission is to collaborate with clients for their achievement as we build a diversified customer base, which includes companies and people operating in several fields and markets. We’re trying to ensure that no customer comes back with regret.

We will do our best to provide consistently practical, innovative, and forward-looking digital marketing approaches that consider the customer preferences and unique needs of each client.

Let us play our role in growing your business.



DM4Y is a value-based organization founded on enthusiasm, friendliness, and reliability. We work together as a team, based on flexibility, which puts data and statistics at the core of our strategy.

Versatile conceptual frameworks and implementation of strategy enable us to make modifications notified by continuous monitoring.

Respond to someone as they would have you respond to them. If we don’t fully understand what you want from us to you, we try our level best to find it out. If we can’t figure out, so as a quick solution, we’re going to implement the best for you.

We do not use the social media network simply because it’s trendy, and we’re not recommending one strategy to another focused purely on our past performance. Every business plan that we implement is developed on a thorough understanding of your audience, depending on both statistical information and direct personal reviews.

It’s the outcomes that make a difference. Focus on the quality that matters to the customer, business, and leads, rather than entering the store on several jobs.

Be transparent. Share the information and secrets with the customer and acknowledge the mistakes.

There’s always a smarter way to go. Still be engaged in research, experimentation, and paying attention to discover out what that is.

Get the soul of an instructor, both on the team and with clients.


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We are proud to be a part of a network of professional and excellent companies. Cooperating with these fantastic people and companies makes our work and personal lives much better and enjoyable. Thanks to everybody in our Network.

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