Decision-Making Manipulation in the Digital Age

Researchers at Cambridge University and Harvard Business School developed a unique strategy of harvesting Facebook data, for example, likes and friend lists, and applying machine learning algorithms to find connections between certain behaviors on the site and psychological profiles. In fact, “Even a few Likes per week add up into a consistent picture of a user after years of social media use.”

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Digital Marketing at a glance

Are you starting a business, or are you searching for ways to boost your sales by enhancing your marketing skills and techniques? Well, the digital market is a perfect idea for you to launch a new product in the market or use it for growing your business. However, it is essential to develop a good marketing strategy and plan accordingly by keeping all the pros and cons in your mind. Now, you might have a problem in finding the best strategy for your business or product.

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Our Valued Business Partners

WeGrowHospitality Take your Digital Presence to the Next Level with WeGrowHospitality.Using contemporary research in consumer behavior and digital marketing, we help you thrive in the digital world.WeGrowHospitality was born based…

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