Web Design & Web Development

It is already evident from the words’ developer’ and ‘designer’ that one’s task is to build whereas other’s job is to create a design. A designer has to choose an artistic and aesthetic manner to make his website look pleasant to the eyes. Still, the developer has to know programming to breathe life into designers’ work. You can suppose designers to be architects and developers to be construction workers. Both of them are equally important.

Custom Website Design Services

Website design is the very first thing that a person gets to see when he opens a web page. Therefore, it has to be vibrant and attractive to keep the visitor hooked to this page. A website does not only needs a good design to grab attention, but it should also work fast and deliver the purpose of the brand image accurately.

People usually say that the first impression is the last one, so your website design is the first impression that the client receives, and he further judges your brand on its basis. If you have a clumsy design, then it would damage your image in the eyes of your potential client. Hence, it is emphasized to properly theme a website according to the products and services provided by it.

It is the web designer’s task to work on the UI/UX of a particular website. Some people often misunderstand the fact that web designers do not have anything to do with code, but they are wrong. Trained web designers can comprehend coding better than graphic designers and build better than programmers. As the maker of attractive websites, their primary aim is to create a website that can surprise people. Web designers work together with developers, and their collaboration yields outstanding performance. It is also essential for the web designer to learn the coding language to strongly cooperate with the web developer.

Responsive Design

Web developer, also known as the engineers or coders take the lead after a web designer has completed his designing and then translates it into the language of coding to have it displayed on the webpage. It makes your website functional.

Responsive web design is a method that implies that design and development can adapt to user behavior and context depending on screen size, interface, and orientation. It is vital to develop a responsive design for your web page so that it can easily detect the user’s screen size and alter its layout according to it.

It is done by working together with different layouts, images along with the use of CSS media queries. Your responsive design will only be successful when every image and design would be the same on your iPad and laptop. It is CSS media queries that allow the developer to postulate when a specific style takes place. It saves a lot of time for developers because instead of coding from scratch for a mobile version of a particular website, developers can now fill several CSS for this similar page.

Today, websites are being made responsive for every screen available that includes phone, tablet, iPad, laptop, and TV screen too.


In the field of web design, a web mockup is a high-fidelity approximation of how a website appears. Website mockups integrate the form and design of the wireframe along with the images, visuals, color schemes, fonts, icons, and UI features that the end product would provide. It mainly concentrates on the appearance of a website as a whole with regards to the website functionality and architecture. This is the reason why prototyping and wireframing go hand in hand alongside mockups.

Mockups permit the testing of a website’s functionality by utilizing an interactive prototype for the promotion of outstanding user experience. Therefore, you must design a mockup first to create an outclass website.

The question that arises now is how a website mockup is created in the first place? Well, there are several different ways, however, there is no best approach, but it usually depends upon UI and UX designer’s preferences and styles.

Where a prototype is a dynamic and interactive mockup, mockup designs are static wireframes with visual design. Following is a list of elements that you must know while planning to create a mockup web design.

  • Typography – The size of the font, its style, type, and text spacing are included in typography.
  • Content Layout – It portrays the placement of web content on the web page.
  • Color Scheme – It comprises of the colors used as a theme in your project. Right colors should be chosen to make your website look attractive.
  • White Spacing – It refers to the empty area and is also known as negative space. There must be a blank area to attain a balance in your web design.
  • User Navigation Tools – It includes tools like toggles, arrow set, sliders, pull-down menu, sider, or footer.

Menu Functionality

A navigation bar is mandatory on the website. It is a multi-purpose bar that is used extensively and comprises of many options. It can either be complex or straightforward, and it may consist of a few numbers of pages or high-level design. Every website has a different kind of navigation with altered functions.

Designing and then developing navigation for your website is an ART, and designers keep getting better at it with practice and experience. A proper navigation bar functions as a foundation for a website and makes it base strong. Javascript libraries such as jQuery are enhancing and bringing in different animation that can be added to the navigation bar to make it look more attractive.

The navigation bar is present on every page of the website, and it presents an overall design in a single bar. It is usually present at the top of the page horizontally and consists of different pages from your website. It can also be considered as a map for the whole site. Otherwise, customers may get lost while locating a particular page.

Websites that do not have a navigation bar turn off the client’s mood because he doesn’t understand it, and there’s no other way available at the front. Therefore, a proper menu function or navigation is like a beneficial strategy to keep a potential client to the page and boost the traffic.

Development – What is it?

Web development, as a whole, includes all the work that is done for building a website. Now, it would embrace anything from developing an involved web page or social network to a single plain text webpage.

Web development usually refers to web markup and coding. Still, it involves all relevant programming activities, such as client-side scripting, server-side scripting, site, and network protection setup, e-commerce development, and content management system (CMS) growth.

The basics of web development depend upon the following:

  • Coding
  • Front-end
  • Back-end
  • CMS

Every web developer must have complete knowledge of HTML, JAVA Script, and CSS to come out with a professional and phenomenal website.

Website development is significant if you are handling a business of your own. The internet has become the largest portal, and about 4.2 billion people use it globally. Not everyone has the same reasons to use the internet, and this fact increases the demand for website development. To bring your business in the market, you must have a website of your own, and for building a website, you need a skilled and professional web developer.

According to the latest studies, it is expected that the demand for web developers will increase by 13% until 2028.

Mobile Friendly

Talking about a mobile-friendly website means that a website functions and looks great on every mobile device. It shouldn’t matter if you have a tablet or a smartphone, but the site must run accurately. Such a website is said to be mobile-friendly. However, approximately 91% of mobile users still have a complaint that they cannot access the content using a mobile.

A mobile-friendly website is easily accessible as you can read the texts without squinting, there are large buttons available for navigation, and it has a pleasing appearance for the users to enjoy.

Every business or brand that is working on website development must make sure to have a mobile-friendly website for keeping its customers to themselves only. Otherwise, they won’t be able to access your site by using their smartphones and eventually lose interest.

Front-end web development

An established business needs an attractive and functional website to maintain its right name on the internet. Therefore, the front-end development of a website is essential for this concept. Not only does the wrong type of development create an unsightly appearance, but it also drives business away. The programming and layout of a website must take into account the business purpose, branding, and customer needs to be fully supported by the company itself